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Choice Ceremonies fully inclusive service includes consultations and a pack of resources, which include a choice of different style ceremonies, vows, promises, poetry and prose, so that we can create together for you a personally written and choreographed ceremony.

There are many ways we can create this special ceremony for you. We can follow a traditional service and/or we can write a completely original ceremony especially for you.

You may wish to involve children, express your love for each other with a handfasting or write your own vows - the options are truly open to you - all we want is for you to have the ceremony that fulfils your hopes and dreams.

We also offer the option of a rehearsal and a handcrafted book. This book includes the ceremony from which the Celebrant and any readers read the service. It includes the wedding certificate ready for signing. This beautiful memento also has handmade re-cycled cotton pages on which your guests write their own wishes and blessings for you.

Every ceremony from Choice Ceremonies is a visual delight because we provide the centrepiece of a colour coordinated, beautifully dressed altar/table, candles, flowers, and ribbons.

The celebrant will be dressed according to your own choice from a wide selection of ceremonial robes. Throughout the ceremony you will not have your backs to your guests, and we do not have any restrictions on the taking of photographs and videos.

Choice Ceremonies we believe that a happy and loving commitment should be expressed in a way in which you and your guests will never forget.

You may choose to include in your ceremony:

Involvement of children, sharing of wine or honey, candle lighting,
handfasting, poetry, prose, music and dancing, broom jumping!
Your ceremony can be as traditional or as unconventional as you choose. We want to be absolutely sure that we fulfil your dreams for the perfect day by celebrating your wedding at the venue of your choice.
Inside ~ Buildings
(Registered / Non-registered)
Hotel, Pub, Club
Historical site...
Marquee, Home
Outside ~ In the forest,
air or field
On the beach, water or cliff
your garden
Wedding Couple
Let me clarify, as in Europe, the certificates signed at all our wedding ceremonies are not marriage licenses. This is because our civil marriage laws are restrictive around the wording and content of the ceremony. 

All you need to do to gain a marriage license is attend your local registry office with two witnesses [who can be strangers].

I suggest you do not exchange rings before the registrar but leave that to do at your wedding ceremony with Choice Ceremonies. We do not require you to have a license before your ceremony.

At Choice Ceremonies we do not discriminate in any way or have any unnecessary restrictions, you may have your ceremony at any time and on any day of the year.

So let the wedding of your dreams come true as you exchange rings with the vows you have chosen in front of your guests, wherever, and however you like; in an atmosphere of words and music, actions and setting, which are meaningful, unique and memorable to you.

Extracts taken from previous weddings and blessings can be viewed here.

Why have a Professionally Trained Celebrant to write and conduct your ceremony?

Because of our extensive experience we can recommend and guide you in your choice of wording and choreography.

With a policy of non-discrimination we cater for the requirements of everyone. Ceremonies may be themed, religious or not, and can include mixed faiths, cultures, creeds and denominations.

We provide the extras that mean all our ceremonies have a spirituality all of their own created by the beautifully visual and romantic ambience. We robe in fine garments to compliment your day.

We spend time getting to know you so your ceremony is personal, warm and friendly. We are able to offer ongoing support.

Many clients keep in touch and it is a joy to celebrate other family events such as renewal of vows, baby Namings and Christenings.

You may ask how does a Blessing differ from a Wedding?

A couple may feel a Blessing ceremony more appropriate if they want their union blessed by God, they were married at another venue, or do not want to be legally married. A Blessing is the opportunity to publicly make a commitment to one another whilst receiving the good wishes and blessings from God and/or family and friends. It does not need to be religious.

Celebrate in style with a unique Commitment Ceremony:
Commitment Ceremony

At Choice Ceremonies we have a policy of being open and inclusive. We celebrate diversity in all its colour and distinctiveness.

Our ceremonies compliment civil partnership agreements by adding a sense of the ceremonial that we in Britain are so good at doing with such chic and panache.

So let the wedding of your dreams come true as you exchange rings with the vows you have chosen in front of your guests, wherever and however you like; in an atmosphere of words and music, actions and setting, which are meaningful, unique and everlastingly memorable.

Ceremony Certificate

As in other parts of the world, the certificate signed at the wedding ceremony conducted by Choice Ceremonies is not a marriage license. This is because the legislation surrounding a civil wedding limits your choice of venue and the content of your ceremony, (such as not allowing anything ritual in nature; i.e; the lighting of candles and most classical music).

To register your marriage you can choose to have the Registrar and Clerk attend a registered venue either before or after we conduct your ceremony. Or you may chose to register your marriage at the registrar office in your ordinary clothes You do not need to exchange rings before a registrar and the two required witnesses could be strangers. Exchanging rings Table

Wedding Book
Handcrafted Book By Taryn’s Treasures
To accompany your unique wedding is our beautiful exclusive Handcrafted book.

The celebrant conducts the ceremony from the book, which also contains the certificate ready for signing.

The remainder of the book contains handmade recycled cotton paper pages on which your guests write their wishing and blessings.

The handmade paper is used to cover the book and you choose the design and the colour of the cord to accompany your names or initials.

This book will become a treasured family heirloom to pass down from generation to generation.
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