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The Naming and Christening of a child is a wonderful occasion in which to celebrate with family and friends the sheer pleasure and delight your child has brought to your lives, so we want to make sure the day is perfect for you.

personalised ceremony will be held at the venue of your choice, reflecting your own values and beliefs. From our wide range of resources you choose all the words and actions that go into making up the ceremony.

For instance, you may choose to use the
traditional symbols of water, oil and candles and/or use new meanings for their imagery. You may choose to make up a covenant with your child’s godparents or mentors, grandparents and siblings, which are read out at the ceremony.

The fee for the ceremony is the same irrespective of how many children are being named or christened on the day.

As parents when we name our children we look at them and think, yes, that is who they are and we dream about who they will become.

To name our children in front of family and friends is to celebrate and honour the joy they have brought to our lives but also to give recognition that they are important people in their own right and that we have a responsibility to bring them up as happy, caring individuals; loving and respecting them for all that they are and all that they will be.

An Extract: Naming
The altar/table will be dressed to your choice of colour theme
We place great importance on the naming of our children.

It is believed that the name of a person is related to their very soul. When we first cradle them in our arms we look into their eyes and say “yes, that is who you are”, and we dream about who they will become.

In this way names carry with them the very essence of our child’s identity….

The altar/table will be dressed to your choice of colour theme

Naming Book

Record your child’s special day in a beautifully handcrafted book

Overall size A4 and covered with recycled Indian cotton handmade paper. Choose from our wide range of designs.

Your illustrated ceremony and the certificate are printed in the book along with plain pages for your guests to write in their own wishes and blessings.

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