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Namings and Christenings

The Naming and Christening of a child is a wonderful occasion in which to celebrate with family and friends the sheer pleasure and delight your child has brought to your lives, so we want to make sure the day is perfect for you.

Your personalised ceremony will be held at the venue of your choice, reflecting your own values and beliefs.

From our wide range of resources you choose all the words and actions that go into making up the ceremony. For instance, you may choose to use the traditional symbols of water, oil and candles and/or use new meanings for their imagery.

You may choose to make up a covenant with your child’s godparents or mentors, grandparents and siblings, which are read out at the ceremony.

On the day itself, included in the cost*, is the certificate, the ceremony booklets and candles for you and the sponsors. We bring our own table/alter covered in floaty fabrics, ribbons and all the things we need for the service such as the font, water, oil and candles, and robe according to the style of the ceremony. 

 (*The fee for the ceremony is the same irrespective of how many children are being named or christened on the day.)

In our ceremonies we acknowledge and celebrate that parenting is never an easy task – that parenting carries with it responsibilities as well as joys and delights. And that it is also important for our children that they know there are other people they can turn to who love and cherish them too.  
Therefore the privilege of being called to sponsor (Godparent) a child is not only an ancient and time-honoured tradition, but also means we acknowledge and value the importance of supporting parents in the task of bringing up their children. It is a serious commitment and a responsibility that many take too lightly. Good sponsors should be the people our children can trust and turn to and find an oasis of unconditional support and encouragement.

And the honour of being a grandparent means not only having fun indulging your grandchildren but also offering stability, security and a timelessness much missing from our busy worlds.

By making known your love and commitment to a child in their very own ceremony will show them how important they are to you.

Making commitments to your much loved and cherished Child
We offer to you the ceremony of your choice

Choose the location: such as
… Home, Garden, Marquee, Hotel, Clubhouse
Choose the wording:
all values and beliefs respected.
wide selection of resources and outline services
add your own contribution
Choose to have a Naming ceremony:
Using water, oil and salt to sign with the promises of hope
Make commitments, covenants, pledges
Light candles and give presents full of meaning with best wishes and blessings
Choose a Christening ceremony:

We baptise a child in the Christian faith, which recognises ‘there is one Lord, one faith, one  baptism, one God and Father of all.’ (Eph 4 v 5) Therefore our Christenings are recognised by most Christian denominations including the Church of England and Roman Catholic churches.

Because our families chose the wording for the ceremony it reflects their own values and beliefs and encompasses families from all and mixed denominations. Our Christenings are very personal, warm, friendly and relaxed, centring on your child and family.



NB. Please do not hesitate contacting us if you have any queries or problems. We can usually work round most difficulties. I will not turn anyone away from being baptised in the Christian faith because of lack of funds.

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