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To heal past hurt ...  a sample ceremony
Red Balloons
Today we gather here with sadness because the hopes and expectations we should have experienced in childhood were stolen from us.

We gather here together because of all the children that have died in mind, body or spirit because of the violence inflicted on them, emotionally, physically and spiritually

We come seeking solace and peace, and in some measure resolution, recognising that nothing can alter the past
but we seek healing and reconciliation for our wounded souls and the wounded souls of all children - past, present and future.

We come offering our support to one another knowing that there are no words that will heal our loss or console our pain.

Only the support and understanding of one other can ease our longing and bring us comfort and help by sharing in our collective sorrow. Resurrection is the awareness that death need not be an end in itself but become a part of the process of living.

In getting down and looking into the black places we sometimes find angels.
In remembering things painful to us, as we weep, and we rage, and we look, we too can see resurrection.

Today we are grieving as a collective voice for all vulnerable, hurting children; those that have been those who are and those to come. We speak as one voice for all our child souls. And through acknowledging our collective pain we join in the cry of the universe; and with the voices of all soul-children we will mourn and grieve our unresolved sorrow.

The candle is a symbol of the light, warmth and the hope of love.

See this light. It is the light of love.

It is the light of love which will move ahead of us and lighten the path of this sorrowful journey. It will light the way as we travel into the dark tunnel of years of unresolved grief.

It will meet us at this journey’s end as we emerge into the light of the present, and move ahead of us as a light to lighten the future. Let us find courage through trusting in the light of the love that surrounds us today, to accept the raw emotions as they emerge.

First let us spend a few moments picturing that we are lovable Beings, much loved, being held by love.

We invoke the Spirit of Love…

There are no words to fill this space
No Holy invocation
No amazing Grace
Except that of Love
Love, hold us now in your embrace
Wrap us in your warmth
Kiss us with your gentleness
Soothe us with your healing balm
Anoint our hearts, our eyes, our ears.Fear not for love surrounds us, protects us, guides us.
So let us mourn our loss.
Let us grieve for the child in us who died.
And for all child souls.
Knowing that the love we should have experienced as children is blowing in the wind, there is so much unresolved grief that it takes the very breath from our bodies,
and wracks great sobs of grief from the depths of our hearts.
so much grief that it is overwhelming ...

Come now, spirit of love, of tenderness, of hope.
Touch our speechlessness
Give rest to our longing
Reach into the silence of our words
Take the sting from our grief
And quieten our pain
We remember that salt is an element of the earth and of the sea
It is essential for life
It is in our tears and in our blood
Salt purifies, preserves and flavours
We scatter salt as a sign that even though hope has been so cruelly dashed;
That we are one with you, with the stars and the universe

This water is the mark of our tears. As it soaks deep into our maternal heritage. We weep for you child souls and for all your expectations and imaginings that will never beinto the dark earth and the depth of our souls – our hearts of love pour out to you Let us acknowledge that this is a most amazing day full of the tingling, leaping, greenly spirit of life;

The sky full with its changing shapes and colours and dreams
The breath of life swirling in the wind
The smell of fresh earth, full of promise
The whispering of empathy in the trees.
Even in the numb darkness of the void we acknowledge the power of death, but we let it go its own way and wait its own time

And let us feel and know the heart beat of life.
What shall we leave in this place?

The pain?
The hurt?
The aloneness?

(Speak our own thoughts?)

Within us are buried hopes and dreams that can never come to fruition.
Let us bury them in this place for all time.

(Plant bulbs?)

Although our feelings will never be forgotten they are now cleansed by prayer and buried with the knowledge that even though our child hopes may be gone that there is a future that holds out promise and hope through the promise of love.
Blue Balloon

Now it is time to let go of the pain and hurt 
(release a balloon)

Now it is time to let go of our grief
(release a balloon)

Now let us release our hopes and dreams
(release a balloon)

Into the freedom of wind and sunshine  

Into the dance of the stars and planets
we let you go

Into the wind’s breath and the heart of the star-maker
we let you go

One day our burnt out stars will join with yours. And then the strings of our lingering sadness will make music of our grief; and we will become at One and at Peace with the universe. 

Behold the lament of the universe sings eternally the song of our grief - Its voice will never die.

Behold the song of the universe it sings a new song of creation - Its voice will never die.

Let us come into new Being. Behold the harmony of the universe

Let us come forth with the Spirit of Love surrounding us. Let us come forth from the pain of our grief

Let us come forth with the feeling that life holds promise. With our hearts beating out our hopes for tomorrow.

So Be It
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