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Reverend Lesley Edwards BTH MA

Reverend Lesley Edwards is a Bachelor and Master of Theology. Her studies centre on exploring ’rites of passage’ and how we can best express life changing events within our own communities.

Since her ordination by a Free church in 1994 Lesley has been offering her services as a freelance Celebrant, priest and minister. Lesley is dedicated to her ministry but more than that she is sensitive, understanding, caring and supportive for as long as you need her to be.

She is also able to provide full professional training given for those seeking to become Celebrants. Lesley comes highly recommended.

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Why have a professional celebrant, priest or minister to conduct your service?

Some people find it very difficult to express their publicly and find it helps to have someone who can articulate their thoughts and feelings for them.

Because Celebrants provide beautifully worded and visually stunning ceremonies

Cater for all clients by fully respecting all personal beliefs and experiences through offering non-religious or religious ceremonies which have a spirituality all of their own.

Robed in fine garments to compliment your day, everything provided to create a beautiful romantic ambience throughout the ceremony.

Spends time getting to know you so your ceremony is personal, warm and friendly.

Able to offer ongoing support. Many clients keep in touch and it is a joy to celebrate other family events such as renewal of vows, baby Namings and Christenings.

We fully respect your personal beliefs, philosophy and experiences and spend time getting to know you to make sure your ceremony reflects all that you want to say.

Our ceremonies are person centred, warm, sensitive and caring; honouring and respecting personal dignity and values.

We accommodate and are understanding of many different needs and approaches.

We have conducted many types of ceremonies, from informal to formal including, sometimes all or a combination of the following:

    Non-religious, Church of England, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox,
    Celtic, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Panentheist
We are happy to conduct your ceremony at any venue, which can be inside or outside. Perhaps a historical site, your favourite pub, club, or hotel. Perhaps in the New Forest, or on the beach, the top of Hurst Castle, or by a lake, or on the river in a boat, or go no further than your home and your back garden.

The choice is yours.

Celtic Table
Every ceremony from Choice Ceremonies is a visual delight with colour co-ordinated, beautifully dressed altar/table, including candles, flowers, ribbons, and font.

Celtic Robes

Your Celebrant, Priest or Minister dressed in a wide choice of ceremonial robes to suit the occasion.

We conduct rites of passage for all milestones in life from Birth, Baby Naming, Christening, Coming of Age, Wedding, Blessing, Handfasting, Lesbian and Gay ceremonies, Heal past hurts, Boat De-Naming ~ Blessing and Namings, House Blessings, Renewal of Wedding Vows, Divorce, to Retirement and celebration of the mature person.

Choice Ceremonies provide a personalised ceremony for every rite of passage. By planning your ceremony with the Celebrant you choose everything about your special day: - any time of the day and week, any venue, the length of the ceremony depends on the order of service that is the poetry, blessings, prayers and prose you have chosen.

Choice Ceremonies are able to conduct your ceremony throughout the South: Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Surrey, West Sussex. (Travel expenses may be charged).

" Thank you for the wonderful service you conducted for D. You were an immediate success at point of arrival at our house and the trip down memory lane you prompted so easily was good therapy for all the family".

"Friends present at the service believed you must have known D for quite a few years. We cannot thank you enough. You made D’s funeral as enjoyable as was humanly possible, and I believe that because of you, our grandchildren’s memories of the occasion will be pleasant ones".

"Thank you so much for everything… "

"you made it very special …"

"it was even nicer than we had imagined it would be and we were so impressed with the thought that had gone into every little detail, from your robes, the beautiful table dressing, the wonderful keepsake book, the way you had with R, the wording and delivery of the service, right down to the blowing of bubbles …"

"We feel utterly privileged to have had you to conduct Chloe's christening day with the style and personality that you created. All our guests, without exception, commented on how wonderful the ceremony was, enabling us to carry on the tradition of a baptism with the wording and character of our lives today.

 The table was exquisite showing us a deeper level of preparation than we had first thought and the skilful way you 'managed' Chloe and commanded her attention was highly impressive!
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